Brand Protection & Market Surveys


We monitor markets and retail both on and off the web. Brand Protection programs are both event and general retail orientated.

market-surveysEach month, we visit markets and shops throughout New Zealand and obtain samples and serve warning letters. We can survey your brand and give an accurate and timely report.

We conduct a wide range of surveys and market watch programs across a range of counterfeit goods from FMCG to sporting to luxury brands.

TMIS (NZ) has a history of sightings across a number of brandsbrand-protection dating back several years. We can provide you with an indication of the extent of the infringement of your brand in the market.

National monthly monitoring from little as $650 per month. Full details of the monitoring are reported to you on a monthly basis. Enquire today.

Missing Person / Witness


At Trademark Investigation Services (NZ) Ltd, we specialise in locating people throughout New Zealand. We employ and train our own investigators to be proficient in location services and we have the facilities to undertake a number of searches to find estranged family members, debtors and witnesses.

Often, searching for a person when you only know small details, like a name or an address, can be extremely difficult and missing-persons-2time consuming. It can be particularly stressful if that person owes a sum of money, needs to make a witness statement, or be informed of the passing of a family member.

Trademark Investigation Services (NZ) Ltd can save you the time and frustration and can often have a comprehensive report in your hands within 48-72 hours. Our research team and investigators have been able to locate people in both Australia and New Zealand with only a name provided. If we are unable to confirm identities, we have field officers who are able to conduct surveillance and door to door enquiries..

If you need to find someone, we will help you.


Trademark Investigation Services (NZ) prides itself on complete discretion. We will take all possible measures to ensure we can obtain as much information as discreetly as possible. In this way, you are able to make contact with this person however you see fit.


Each matter is different; therefore our costs will differ for each file. For example, it is generally more expensive to search for a person when we do not know a surname or a christian name, as it requires more resources.

Contact Trademark Investigation Services (NZ) to start your search today.

Due Diligence


MBA-due-diligenceWhen doing business or employing staff, TMIS (NZ) will assist with all of your Due Diligence and Pre Employment Screening (PES) requirements.
Typical fees from $410 for small company profile and $380 for individuals.

Pre Employment Screening (PES)

pre-employment-screening-due-diligence-1Profile your potential employee. Who are they and what is their track record?
Investigation is the way to obtain this information. Information is power. Even if the investigation reveals nothing adverse, you have an obligation to your management and staff. We will even contact referees and education establishments. Be sure.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)


Profile your potential business partners and investors and companies. Who are they and what is their track record? Investigation is the way to obtain this information. Avoid Failure. Even if the investigation reveals nothing adverse, you have an obligation to your shareholders and investors. The decision will be better informed.

Business Partners


You might want to appoint an agent or a distributor in New Zealand. We can profile the business, the Directors and scope the business for you. Are they a physical or virtual business, how many staff, what business profile do they have? We will visit and enquire on your behalf.

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